“Lost Secret” From Ancient Warriors...
Holds The Key To Rediscovering
Modern Man’s Libido, Energy and Vitality?
An ancient formula used religiously by history’s most impactful and exciting men has been “rediscovered” as a modern day all-natural vitamin, herb and nutrient mix that effortlessly and powerfully reignites your testosterone levels…

Returning you to a youthful life of boosted energy, masculine virility, a toned body, and an unshakeable feeling of supreme confidence… Every single day.
Have you been waking up still tired after a full night of sleep… and realized you’re in a cranky mood even though nothing has happened yet in your day to make you feel this way?

You have the best intentions to get the same physical activity you used to and you’ve made a promise to finally get rid of that flab around your belly…

But your body feels so heavy and lethargic that it’s difficult at times to get motivated to do much of anything.
For millions of men, this is all way more typical than you think.
You’re just like countless other men in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who are suffering from the low testosterone levels that are so critical to your health and happiness.

BUT you’re about to learn that it’s a MYTH that you need to live with depleted testosterone simply because you’ve gotten older.


You can restore your body back to the levels you enjoyed as a younger, stronger man and enjoy a powerful libido and life force again.

And do all this naturally!
So, if you aren’t moving and shaking as much as you’d like to be…
  • If you feel like your desire for sex is now a relic of the distant past…

  • You’re getting tired, gaining weight and feeling bloated even when you eat “healthy”…

  • You don’t feel like much of a man… especially compared to how good you felt in your 20s and 30’s…

  • If you’re wondering just what’s wrong with you these days…
Today is the day that all changes for you.
I’m going to share how an unusual yet uniquely safe combination of 100% natural herbs, minerals and nutrients that is easily added to your daily routine will quickly turn your life around when you have mother nature’s “Energy and Enthusiasm Solution”...

Turn back the hands of time on your masculine virility when you effortlessly and fully boost your testosterone levels back where you need them to be…
  • Feel well-rested, lighter and more energetic….

  • Turbocharge your metabolism so your stomach, arms, ‘man boobs’ and flabby neck shrink back down to normal...

  • And even give yourself a real path towards a head full of thicker hair…
By doing nothing more than adding a small, easy to swallow capsule to your daily routine.
As you read this…
Men of all ages across the U.S. are using this solution to become a “macho man” once again...
And THRILLED to discover that…
  • They’re suddenly bursting with newfound confidence and ambition to accomplish anything they want.

  • Masculine energy and enthusiasm for life is something to enjoy every day and not just a memory of how things used to be.

  • An adventurous sex life and getting stiff erections on demand happens any night (or day) they desire. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is no longer an issue.

  • They experience good moods every day and are no longer irritable or depressed about their situation.

  • They have less trouble sleeping and wake up feeling stronger, more youthful, have a greatly improved memory and have more vitality than ever before.
Enjoying your life as I just described might sound like a fairytale dream right now.

But I promise you it’s absolutely possible.

And much easier than you think.
What I’m about to show you has been scientifically proven to…
Improve testosterone levels in 9 out of 10 men - That’s the difference between a man who has drive, energy and vitality vs. someone who may have already given up on his best life.
Raise your "good" HDL cholesterol while simultaneously lowering your unhealthy triglycerides - So you can feel lean, powerful and strong… and not sickly with worries about obesity, increased blood pressure and high blood sugar levels.
Debunk the myth that depleted testosterone is always a natural and normal part of aging. In fact, this held true in a study of men aged 40-97 years old – This establishes a bulletproof path toward losing weight with LESS effort, decreasing unhealthy insulin levels, protecting your prostate and kidneys, and enjoying stronger bones and muscles, plus so much more…
You might be thinking this all sounds too good to be true.
But I promise I’ll show you all the research.

All the evidence on the ingredients that have been studied for their effectiveness at institutions like Harvard University.

And share the stories of men JUST like you who have changed their lives forever after trying what I’m about to share with you.
Like Bruce Wannamaker,
...who reported that he was, “…skeptical that the formula could help, but my results are there. I’m back on the tennis court for the first time in 8 years and I look forward to waking up every morning to tackle the new day.”
And Reed Cardone,
...who now enjoys the “ability to get a stiff erection any time his wife is in the mood.”
And Albert Collins,
...who’s saving himself from the “embarrassment of prematurely thinning hair and a growing bald spot.”
And Connor Shelby,
...who says “It’s crazy how good this works! My energy is through the roof and I’m happy just about every single day.”
The best part is that
 all this can happen for you, too...
  • WITHOUT needing to spend hours at the gym, or any other physical torture.

  • WITHOUT resorting to crazy fad diets that leave you starving, moody, and unhappy.

  • And WITHOUT attempting dangerous prescription drugs, injections, gels, skin patches, or expensive testosterone replacement therapy that have uncertain results, unwanted side effects and scary long-term consequences such as liver damage and even heart attack or stroke.
This new discovery makes typical testosterone therapy “solutions” completely obsolete…

That’s because it solves the #1 problem that’s been causing your testosterone production to slow down to a near standstill…
  • That a doctor’s prescription can’t seem to fix…
  • That gels, needles and patches actually make it worse…
  • And that other solutions simply don’t help.
Hi, my name is Joe Wells and I need to share an embarrassing story with you...
I’d been looking forward to celebrating our 25 year anniversary for months…

Jill and I had been through so much together through the years and of course it wasn’t without our ups and downs.

But our love for each other remained rock solid and we were grateful for our lives together.
We’re blessed with 4 amazing children and had just got the news that our first grandchild was on the way. Lots to celebrate!

We spent a romantic evening down by the seaside, and we’d just finished up an incredible dinner.
But I was nervous.

As much as we were best friends and still deeply in love with each other…

We had not been intimate in more than a year.

And it was all my fault.

I was still madly attracted to my gorgeous wife, but when it came time to make love…
My flag was no longer flying at full mast.
Jill always told me it would be OK and that she understood these things happen and she never questioned my love and attraction for her…

Not to get graphic on you but there was a time not too long ago where we were still making love at least 3 nights per week.

But now it got to a point where we both became terribly frustrated.
So tonight was our night to rekindle the flame and have the ultimate night of romance…

And I was scared to death.

What if, when things were getting hot and heavy, I would have to apologize to Jill and tell her that I had to go pee… again?

What if I couldn’t get it up?
I was riddled with anxiety that I was going to let her down yet again.

Being my partner for so long, Jill sensed that my mind was somewhere else.

She told me,
“Hey don’t worry about all that. Let’s enjoy this beautiful dinner together and enjoy this breathtaking view. We’ll have some fun tonight and whatever happens later will be OK with me.”
I loved her for that, but I desperately didn’t want to disappoint her.

She’s a woman and she has her needs, too.
Fast forward to the bedroom!
Jill and I rushed home to the bedroom.

We looked deep into each other’s eyes as we kissed.
But nothing was happening down there for me.
I couldn’t believe it.

Not again!

As much as I desperately wanted to keep everything going I had to break my gaze with Jill and turn my eyes away in shame and disappointment.

Jill knew it wasn’t her fault but asked me if I thought this was how our life was going to be for the next 25 years?
That was the most embarrassing and painful question I had ever been asked in my entire life.
The tears suddenly burst out of me.
What had my life become?
I was only 54 years old at the time.

Maybe I was no spring chicken, but I certainly wasn’t nearly old enough to just give up and die.

Jill and I still had many more years left in us and many more memories to make.

The truth was that aside from the horror of not being able to get an erection when I needed it most…

I just wasn’t feeling myself in a lot of ways anymore.
Over the last year or two, I was experiencing energy and motivation problems.

Plus I had packed on about 25 extra pounds.

Bless her heart, Jill only commented one time that I had a “cute little belly growing” and then she never brought it up again.

Now I shudder to think what she must have been keeping to herself all this time.
I was a high school varsity swimmer and kept my lean, muscular body for years… but now my muscles had shrunk, I was flabby and I had lower back pain every time I woke up in the morning.
Even worse…
  • I’d been irritable the last few times we’d spoken with the kids.
  • And my sleep apnea was intensifying.
  • My hair loss was accelerating.
  • I was having trouble focusing and had been forgetting simple things like the names of friends in our neighborhood.
It was like getting hit over the head with a sledgehammer... alerting me that something was very wrong.
I was really falling apart!
It was in that moment I made a pledge to my wife that I would get this all taken care of.

It was out of the fear that I would be an unequal partner with Jill for the rest of our lives.

The embarrassment…

The self-loathing that I let all this happen…
I know what I’m sharing is resonating with you and sounds familiar to your life in one way, or another…
​​​​Do you have a lack of energy or desire for more things than you care to admit?
Not able to get a stiff erection when you want?
Foggy thinking and forgetting simple things like names or appointments?
Putting on extra weight even though you’re eating the same things you always have?
No longer enjoying physical activities like walking, hiking, riding a bike, swimming, tennis, or playing with the grandkids?
Thinning hair collecting on your pillowcase? (HINT: just because you’re getting older absolutely does NOT mean that you have to accept losing your hair!)
If you’re experiencing one or more of these scenarios you know that it’s scary, humiliating and depressing.
So, on that day… I made a decision to finally do something about all this.

I made an appointment with an anti-aging doctor who has tons of experience treating men’s issues.

Because I respect your time I’ll keep this sob story short and sweet.
The doctor explained:
Testosterone is the ‘man’ hormone, but it’s essential for so much more than just a deep voice and hair on your chest.
Your body started puberty by amping up production of testosterone when you were a teenager.

It was responsible for muscle growth and facial hair. 

It’s even responsible for other attributes we call ‘manly,’ like broad shoulders and your Adam’s apple.
As you grew into a man, testosterone became even more important.
  • It keeps the hair on your head.

  • It also helps grow and maintain lean muscle.

  • And perhaps most importantly, it’s even the key ingredient of CONFIDENCE.
You know that deep sense of pride you used to feel when getting the attention from beautiful women?

Or after winning any kind of competition, or even after accomplishing a tough goal?
That feeling came from an increase of testosterone in your body.
Testosterone also helps keep you healthy in other ways, too. It contributes to deep restorative sleep, resulting in waking up refreshed and energized.

But what testosterone is most recognized for is sex.
Testosterone contributes to the strength of erections.
It acts as a ‘vasodilator’ – meaning it increases blood flow.

And since the hardness and length of your erection depends on how much blood is flowing through your penis, testosterone is a necessary ingredient to rock hard erections.
It’s also the ‘desire’ hormone.
It’s what makes you, as a man, get excited about sex and feel desire towards women.

Testosterone even makes sex more satisfying, for both you and your partner.”
He concluded my education with his view that I was displaying the classic signs of men my age with lowered testosterone levels, or “Low-T”.

He took multiple blood tests and the results confirmed what we both had already assumed was true.
Even worse, this was negatively affecting the systems throughout my body…
Meaning this all could lead to even bigger problems than I thought I already had.

Problems if left unchecked, could lead to issues such as:
  • Obesity
  • Excess levels of LDL ("bad") cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Lower levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol
  • Raised blood sugar and insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes
  • Increased risk of heart attack, stroke and hypertension
  • Increased risk of obstructive sleep apnea, gallstones, osteoarthritis, and even cancer
  • Increased risk of depression
Next thing I knew he did what doctors always do…
He wrote me prescriptions for drug therapy that he felt could help my body produce more of the manly testosterone that I so desperately needed.

So for the next 2 YEARS, I took every possible drug he offered to try and boost my testosterone back where it needed to be...
And it was 2 years of hell.
First, I tried painful injections administered over the course of two months…

While this did slightly improve my testosterone levels, what it really did was produce some seriously unwanted side effects like bad headaches, a weird rash, acne and…

...it made my ‘man boobs’ bigger!
Next he tried a testosterone gel that was applied inside my nose.

This left me feeling anxious, dried out my skin and I was having even more trouble sleeping due to hot flashes.
Then we tried a skin patch that was supposed to replace the testosterone currently produced by my body.

And guess what that left me with?

Blisters, burning and itching where the patches were applied.
Since none of his tactics were working my doctor was ready to try some other options like sticking some kind of testosterone-delivering tape above my teeth twice a day…

Then he actually got excited when he told me about special pellets that he could implant under the skin of my hips or buttocks that would slowly release testosterone into my body.
I was D-O-N-E.
“Sorry Doc, no more!”
No more of these crazy unnatural “therapies” that were really doing nothing but driving me mad.

It was time for me to say good-bye to the doctor and figure out where I could find a real solution that would actually help me more than hurt me.
For the next year I researched every possible solution to figure it out...
I locked myself in the library to learn all I could on men’s testosterone in hopes I could possibly get mine back to where it needed to be.

Then I got online and researched all of the studies posted on the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, MedLine, PubMed and anything else I could get my hands on.

And what I learned SHOCKED ME.
I couldn’t believe this information was already available to everyone.
Yet for some reason… No one ever talks about this.

No doctors, no health magazines, no books, and no TV “health experts” ever mentioned that we should not accept the conventional wisdom that says:
  • It’s a fact of life that men’s testosterone levels begin decreasing, usually starting around 30 years old...

  • And by 40 years old we’re already down to 15% of what we once had… And then it continues to decline each and every year that we age.

  • It’s said that by 50 we’re left with on average only 30% - 50% of what we once had… And the decline continues on as we get older.
Most doctors will tell you it’s just a part of aging.

But my research brought me to a study that I’m convinced that the greedy Big Pharma companies must have conveniently ignored, then hoped and prayed that no one would find out about it.
But I found it!
It was a study by an Australian doctor who discovered that...
...Testosterone levels do not have to decrease as you age.
325 men were tested, ranging from ages 40 to 97.

He tested their testosterone levels at three different times, to see how much it changed.

The amazing thing he found… NOTHING.

It didn’t change.

Whether they were 40 years old, or 97 years old, testosterone levels never declined.
So, doesn’t that fly in the face of everything my doctor told me?

Does your testosterone decrease 10-15% by the age of 40, and up to 50% by the age of 50…


Well, when you’re averaging the entire population altogether, it’s true.

But here’s the thing… Despite the world population’s testosterone declining every year, the 325 men tracked in this study had levels that continued strong over the years.
Which means...
Declining testosterone is NOT “just another part of getting older.”
The mainstream medical world doesn’t like the boat rocked. So, they ignored this study without a care in the world to look at how life-changing it could be.

WARNING:  The truth is even more disturbing than I thought…
Forget about your aging body for a moment.

Because when it comes to protecting your precious testosterone, what we really need to be worried about are: Environmental Toxins.
What I’m referring to is a specific type of toxin called an Endocrine Disruptor. 

Chemicals like these mimic the “messenger compounds” in your body, so your cells think they’re real messengers.

But these Endocrine Disruptors send FAKE messengers to your body, disrupting its most important systems and make it near impossible to maintain healthy testosterone levels.
And they’re everywhere.
Metabolism, Sleep, Sex, and more…
The EPA has identified nearly 100,000 man made Endocrine Disruptors.

They’re in your water, in the food on the grocery store shelves, in the pesticides that get sprayed on your fruit and veggies, in the plastic containers in your fridge… even in your shaving cream!
So, what can you do about it?
Countless hours of research led me to a couple of brain-dead simple conclusions:
  • Avoid these toxins if you can, and...
  • Support and increase your body’s testosterone levels.
It doesn’t take a genius to come to these conclusions, but the obvious question is...

HOW do we do this?

I was desperate to find the answer to this question to figure out how I could keep my testosterone from declining so I could get back to my best life… and save my marriage.

And that’s when I found it…
Trigonella foenum-graecum, commonly known as Fenugreek, is an ALL-NATURAL herb from Southern Europe and Western Asia.

It’s been widely used for centuries to boost male energy, desire and raise male hormone levels to new heights.

An academic study published in the International Journal of Medical Science reported that the Fenugreek herbal extract quickly improved men’s bioavailable (“free”) testosterone levels up to 46% in 9 out of the 10 of the men who consumed this dietary supplement during a twelve-week study. And over 85% of the men in the study showed improvements in sperm count.

Not only that but these men also experienced significant improvement in “mental alertness, mood alleviation, reflex erection and overall performance”.

Another incredible advantage of Fenugreek is that it increases insulin release, which can help increase your muscle mass after even moderate weight training.
A 2010 study of 49 men over 8 weeks in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition concluded that Fenugreek extract had a “significant impact on both upper- and lower-body strength and body composition in comparison to placebo in a double-blind controlled trial. These changes were obtained with no clinical side effects.”
And in a 2010 paper published in the Phytotherapy Research journal, in a double-blind randomized placebo controlled study of 60 men, researchers found that Fenugreek extract had an “overall positive effect on the physiological aspects of libido and may assist to maintain normal healthy testosterone levels.”

There was even a significant increase in the men’s sexual arousal and orgasm.

The men in this study also self-reported their satisfaction with muscle strength, energy and well-being.
With crystal-clear results like these there was no doubt that I had to get my hands on the best Fenugreek seeds I could find.

At the time I didn’t have access to a direct source of Fenugreek but I found an extremely reputable company known for its high-quality seeds.

As soon as they arrived I added the Fenugreek seeds to every meal I could think of: chicken dishes, fish dishes, lentil soups, sprinkled on top of pizza, mixed in with salad, you name it!
It didn’t take long to start feeling a difference!
I felt more energy throughout the day… and more motivation.

And there was even an improvement in the bedroom… but I still couldn’t exactly satisfy Jill the way I used to.
I felt better… but not quite like my old self yet.
I had more energy and motivation, but still not as much as I had when I was younger.

At least things were getting better…

That’s more than most guys can say for themselves.

I almost left it at that.

But things with Jill still weren’t completely back to where we needed them to be.
I was by no means a men’s health expert yet, but I had found Fenugreek.

I had educated myself enough that I was knowledgeable when I reached out to dozens of homeopaths, functional medicine doctors, natural healers, plus research scientists kind enough to make time for me.
I needed to know WHY I still wasn’t ALL the way back.
Through my conversations I kept hearing the same name over and over.

“Joe, if you really want to solve your problem, you really need to talk to James Diamond...”

That’s when I spoke with a genius healer that would soon change my life...
I learned that James Diamond lives on the cutting edge of nutritional medicine and the traditions of natural healing.

He takes a unique approach that very few Western doctors take.
He’s the man behind-the-scenes of discovering some of the world’s most sought-after alternative health therapies.

His discoveries have successfully treated thousands of men with the latest natural health breakthroughs.

And his remarkable insights have made him a much sought-after consultant on a wide array of health issues… particularly for men over 40.
And now I finally got a hold of his phone number!

After I explained my issues and my test results… 
James agreed there was no doubt that I had a Low-T problem.
I explained how I’d tried everything the doctor had prescribed for me with no success.

And how I was left with more problems than solutions.

Then I proudly told him about my Fenugreek discovery and how it had helped me tremendously compared to the sorry state I was in before using it… but that I wasn’t quite feeling all the way back to where I needed to be.

I asked James point blank what critical factors I may be missing.
Then I heard a chuckle come through the phone.
And with that I stopped talking... slightly confused and a little embarrassed.
“Joe, It’s a truly admirable quest that you’re on to help fix yourself. 

I’m very impressed that you found Fenugreek all on your own.  But you could have saved yourself a lot of time and effort if you had just come to me in the first place.”
“But James!” I pleaded,

“it was all that research that led me to you!  I’ve learned so much yet still feel so far away from my answers. 

Based on what all the experts told me about your all-natural solutions… you must be the best kept secret on earth!”
James explained that while I was off to a great start…
I didn’t yet have a complete solution.
“So, my answer is yes, I know exactly what’s causing your problems and how we can get you over this final hump. 

We’re going to get you feeling 10X better than you have in years.”
I had HOPE again.
James began the final phase of my education:
“Fenugreek seeds by themselves can be enough for many people, but you’ll need a bigger boost of testosterone. Luckily, there are many herbs and other minerals that can supercharge the effects of Fenugreek.”
‘What’s old is new again’
“Forget about what pharmaceutical marketers recklessly label today as ‘breakthrough drugs’. What I’m about to share with you was already known centuries ago and used by powerful ancient warriors.

Even the mighty Genghis Khan and his soldiers used these all-natural ingredients to keep their bodies powerful and fierce for their conquests.

This is my secret for how I’ve been able to keep enjoying an exciting and adventurous life, despite my age.

I’m confident you’ll be amazed at your newly rediscovered energy, physical and mental stamina… plus you won’t have to worry anymore about your flagging sexual function with Jill.”
Of course that’s what I want!
James then gave me his complete list of the herbs and minerals he discovered to supercharge the effects of fenugreek.
Magnesium helps "free up" more usable male hormones and blocks the conversion of these hormones into estrogen.

It aids in sleep and also lowers anxiety (perhaps by blocking cortisol, the DEATH hormone)

Long healthy sleep and low levels of cortisol, along with exercise are associated with higher levels of vital male hormones.
I don’t want to alarm you but having low levels of this lightweight mineral are linked to BIG problems like anxiety, depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, type 2 diabetes, and colon cancer.
Zinc is a “miracle mineral” that's been used for centuries to increase manly mojo, boost energy levels and increase dopamine levels.
  • Casanova’s Secret
Casanova, the famous 18th century lover, is said to have eaten 50 oysters a day!

Of course, oysters are well known as a rich source of zinc.

In fact, they contain more zinc than any other food.

It’s not so strange that Casanova, the world’s most famous lover, would have eaten a lot of zinc.
Yet worldwide, as many as 2 billion people are deficient in zinc.

So there’s a good chance you may be deficient, too.

In the U.S., as many as 40% of mature adults are at risk for zinc deficiency.
But you won’t have to eat 50 oysters a day... or worry about what you eat at all.
What I’m about to share gives you all the zinc you need – no matter what you eat.
  • The Little-Known Action of Aromatase
There’s an enzyme in your body called Aromatase.

You can think of Aromatase as the “girly enzyme”.

Because it goes around turning your manly hormones into womanly estrogen.

When you’re young, the male to female hormonal ratio in your body is about 50:1

As you age, it drops down to as little as 10:1
That means you could have up to 5 times more female hormones in your body right now than you did in your youth!

When estrogen levels increase, Aromatase can cause male “desire” problems…

As well as make you grow man breasts, get fatter and softer, etc.
Zinc helps deactivate Aromatase, turning it off…
So your man hormones stay man hormones. And your levels of unwanted estrogen don’t climb.
In one study, it was found that by using zinc supplementation, the results almost DOUBLED male chemical levels in older men who were zinc deficient within 6 months.

In the same study, a group of men had their dietary zinc RESTRICTED.

Within 20 weeks, their male hormonal levels DROPPED by almost 73%.

As you can see, there is a very strong relationship between zinc and male hormones.

A relationship that could make a huge difference in your romantic life, energy, mood and overall health.
Vitamin B6 
Proven to boost male hormone levels and reduce estrogen levels, so no more low energy or "man breasts"…

Now you’ll look good (like a real man) and blast through each day.

Further Benefits of Vitamin B6 also include an uptick in your metabolism, tissue repair, cell production and other important activities.
Vitamin B6 also helps to maintain healthy brain function, plays a key role in synthesizing the antibodies needed to fight various diseases, maintains normal nerve function and assists in nerve cell communication.
Completing James’ all-natural yet incredibly powerful masculinity boosting ingredient list includes all-stars such as:
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Diindolylmethane (DIM)
  • Piperine
  • Rhodiola Rosea… 
Finally, he included Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper) – for its antioxidant power, plus it aids digestion of proteins, helps you lose fat, helps the body use nutrients more efficiently and it’s a natural anti-depressant.
And the best part? James confirmed his ingredients amazingly accomplish their healthy results naturally without any nasty side effects.
For the first time in a long time, I felt hope. 
“Will all this work for me?” I asked.
“Only one way to find out!” he replied.

“I’ll ship you a supply of these ingredients that are not only sourced from the most pristine locations on earth, but I’ve already gone through all the trouble to formulate precise ratios that will guarantee your body uses them in the most efficient manner possible to get the results you need.”
“PLEASE send this to me as soon as you can. I’ll pay for the overnight shipping. I don’t care!”
James replied not to worry.

It would give him great pleasure to take care of the overnight shipping.
All he wanted in return was to call him again after a couple of weeks taking two of his perfect capsules per day and report back to him with my results.

Morning came and there was a box from James sitting on my front porch.

I took out the bottle inside and tapped out 2 small capsules.

With a swig of water, I gulped them down.
I knew not to expect anything immediately, but I could hardly wait to take my capsules again tomorrow, and then again the next day.
Fast forward to only my 14th day taking James’ capsules and BOOM!
It all started happening for me…
I couldn’t explain it, but I suddenly felt like there was a red-hot fire coursing through my body.
I felt a new burst of energy that lasted throughout each day.

I couldn’t wait to tackle the day and get my body moving.

Brisk walks around the neighborhood became my favorite morning activity.

I started riding my bike again, swimming, and joined my friends for tennis for the first time in years.
I was a man who had regained his strength and vitality…

Feeling more alive and truly happier than I had been in a very long time.

I continued to feed myself the pills daily and at the end of 30 days… for the first time in forever, I felt like I could accomplish anything I wanted.
Then things started happening FAST.
My motivation for work, my passion for hobbies, and my lust for my wife has bounced back stronger than ever!
And sure, all this was great for me… but maybe it was even better for Jill…

I nearly gave her a heart attack the first time I lunged through the bedroom door and screamed,

“I’m back!”

The only smile bigger than mine… was hers.

Jill declared that she was, “proud to have the man she married back!”
And this was the moment I knew I had to share this with as many people as possible...
I called up James to share the good news.

He was thrilled for me, but he didn’t seem surprised at all.
“James, I never truly realized how down in the dumps I was.  But now that I’ve climbed out, I can finally remember how great it feels to feel great!

On top of that my flabby belly is already starting to flatten out. I’m finally feeling like a man, looking like a man, and being treated like one, too.
End of story? No way.

It’s just the beginning for guys like me and you.

If you’re suffering and embarrassed anywhere close to where I was, I want you to know…
It’s NOT your fault.
Because you’ve been lied to by doctors telling you...
  • There’s nothing you can do about your decreasing levels of testosterone.

  • Declining cognitive abilities, losing your hairline, sex drive, and gaining weight is an irreversible process that comes with aging.

  • The sex drive peaks in a man’s early 20’s and then it’s all downhill from there.
I know how frustrating it feels when you have no energy to get things done.
And it’s in my nature to want to help as many other men experience exactly what I’ve experienced.

So you can get the very same results that I did.

You’ll feel confident, energized and passionate about life again!

And stay the man your wife deserves in the bedroom.
And that’s when the lightbulb in my head turned on.
It was time to hit James up with a BIG request.

I asked if he could send me more bottles so I could share my secret with a few of my closest friends and family…

Guys just like you and me, going through the same frustration and humiliation.

They tried it themselves and soon couldn’t stop raving about the effects, how amazing they feel, and how their lives have turned around for the better.

They begged me to make more and told me I’d be crazy not to share it with every guy who faces the same problems…
They were right.
How could I keep this secret when so many other good guys like you are suffering?
James gave me his blessing to do all I can to share this with as many men who needed it.

But I’d still have to find consistent, legitimate and reliable sources for the ingredients.

“That won’t be a problem,” James told me.

“Here’s the contact details for my team at PhytAge Labs...”

PhytAge Labs is a world-class research and development organization with the experience and global reach to source the most pristine ingredients on earth and use them to create the quantities I needed.
PhytAge Labs isn’t like other manufacturers out there who are profit focused, using the cheapest ingredients and lousy controls, so the ratios of those ingredients could be different from bottle to bottle.

Not to mention the fillers and contaminants that might end up in the capsules.

This was a sticking point for me because...
...I learned that as much as 95% of other testosterone boosting supplements available today DON’T contain the ingredients they list on their labels.
I wanted to make sure that what I was giving people was, bar none, the most effective libido boosting solution WITHOUT any nasty side effects.

It’s expensive and time-consuming to get certified, but PhytAge Labs was the best way to guarantee the highest quality product.
We’ve named this all-natural, life changing formula
Testo 911
Just about everyone who’s tried it keeps asking for more because they never want to have to deal with declining testosterone levels and a return to a below average life ever again.
That’s what happened with Roger Zander, age 59, who wrote to say:
“I’m thrilled that I found your Testo 911 solution when I did because I couldn’t take the injections or the patches for one more second.  They were driving me crazy. 
Now I’m feeling alive again, energetic, confident and strong. 
My wife loves the new me!”  
Also Don Gill, age 63:
“2 weeks into taking your Testo 911, I suddenly woke up with more energy and enthusiasm for everything. I have the urge to try new things I’d never done before, sporting activities, a new photography class, cooking classes. 

I’m happier and more adventurous.  I realized it had to be from taking Testo 911 because I hadn’t changed anything else. 
I have a lust for life and new vitality that has come effortlessly to me.
Thank you.”  
And Timothy Clarrett, age 71, said:
“I figured it was normal for a guy like me to accept a life of lounging around, going out for dinners and then coming home exhausted. 
But since using Testo 911 for 3 months my energy and stamina have tripled
I feel so much more alive. I’m back at the gym, playing pickleball and tennis, plus I’ve become involved in our community events. My wife now calls me her “Manly Tiger.”

Can’t believe how much I was missing out on until I started taking Testo 911 capsules.”
I have an inbox full of emails just like these from everyone saying they too experienced life changing effects from Testo 911.

As soon as you take it, you’ll feel the difference, too!
But here’s the catch…
Because Testo 911 is becoming extremely popular across the country, demand has been stretching our production thin, especially since it takes up to three MONTHS to custom make each batch.

And because prevention is better than cure, younger men who don’t yet have severely depleted testosterone levels are also asking for this stuff, just to make sure that they’re always performing to the best of their abilities.

But I don’t want anyone to suffer like I did from the embarrassment of a balding head, tummy flab, depleted strength or being on the brink of a libido lost forever and a ruined marriage.
So, I’m about to share a way to get your hands on a bottle of Testo 911 as part of our...
‘Take Back Your Manhood Program.’
You’ll take two capsules each day for at least 30 days.

While the ingredients get to work almost immediately, you’ll still deal with the long-term buildup of toxins and inflammation that have been contributing to your declining testosterone.

So, it’s important that you get rid of every trace of these silent killers by taking Testo 911 as ordered.
Everything I shared about feeling like a weak little wimp with no strength, energy, stamina, or the ability to hold an erection?
Those are signs that testosterone depleting inflammation and toxins build up inside your body too long and you’re facing bigger problems than what you’re seeing on the surface.
That’s why it’s so important you take Testo 911 for at least 30 days as ordered, even after you’ve started to see the clear signs of getting your “Mojo” back.

Doctors recommend choosing at least FOUR bottles if you want to be on your way to being completely clear of testosterone killing toxins by taking it for 120+ days.
This is important because these testosterone killers are everywhere and we’re never really done fighting against them, which makes it critical to use Testo 911 to protect yourself.
Men suffering from low-energy, loss of muscle, loss of sexual appetite, thinning hair and lost confidence are all checking out this website from family, friends, and the very few health experts willing to stand up against Big Pharma…

...whose executives would like nothing more than to have you endlessly spend money on their pills that don’t work, rather than see you get your sexual energy and masculine drive back.
With James’ perfect formula and all my work to get the word out…
I’m proud to say that this incredible testosterone boosting solution is no longer a secret.
Not to you.

Not anymore.

If you’re struggling with low libido, low energy, low confidence, lack of desire, irritable moods, belly flab, thinning hair, poor sleep, feeling depressed… and haven’t been able to enjoy life…

This is for you. 
Each Testo 911 ingredient was meticulously researched by a true expert in all-natural men’s health remedies, carefully selected and measured to perfection… ensuring maximum bioavailability so your body easily absorbs all you need.
The ancient Fenugreek is going to boost your testosterone along with your libido, mental alertness and elevate your daily mood, erections & overall performance.
Magnesium helps block the conversion of male hormones into estrogen.

It also helps you get better sleep and lowers anxiety while helping prevent depression, ADHD, and type 2 diabetes.
The Zinc is a cure for your “desire” plus it deactivates your production of Aromatase, so your man hormones stay man hormones.

This gives you the best chance to help say good-bye to your soft, fat body and man breasts.
Vitamin B6 provides the uptick in metabolism, tissue repair and new cell production.

It helps maintain healthy brain function, plays a key role in synthesizing the antibodies needed to fight various diseases, maintains normal nerve function and assists in nerve cell communication.
Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper) is loaded with antioxidant power, helps aid digestion of proteins, helps you lose weight, and it’s a natural antidepressant.
Rest easy knowing you have all you need to boost testosterone to healthy levels ...and no longer have those crazy feelings wreaking havoc throughout your life.
The fact that you made it this far in this presentation tells me something.
You’re ready to get back to normal!
And you’re ready to get the same results I’ve shared with you today.
What kind of freedom do you see in this stronger, manlier, more powerful version of yourself?
Having your desire again…

Your motivation…

Your energy…

Complete freedom…

Most people agree THAT…

would be priceless.
Are you ready to get back in the game?
With each dose of Testo 911 Testosterone Booster you can turn your half-mast penis into a rigid flagstaff within hours.

You COULD try other options, but besides the nasty side effects that you’ll go through, like potential liver damage and heart palpitations, they also cost at least $1900 per year!
Injections from the doctor aren’t any better.
Not only do they become insanely expensive, but all they do is put you on a cycle of dependence… and the moment you stop getting these injections all the benefits stop!

ALL of these treatments practically guarantee that you’ll still be stuck with your low-T levels, only now you’ll also have a burning hole in your wallet and no results to show for it!
It’s because of this many believe that $225 is a more than fair price for Testo 911.
You’d be paying way more for doctor visits, topicals, injections, and oral medications over a year.

Unlike those other options that treat a surface-level issue, Testo 911 gets you more excited about life, restores your confidence and allows you to satisfy your partner by eliminating testosterone killing toxins from the inside out!

I can't stand the thought of anyone suffering needlessly for one more second than they need to.
And the SHOCKING PART is that Testo 911 is the most AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE option you’ll find on the planet!
Is gaining a newfound confidence, more youthful energy, looking younger, getting rock hard erection and regaining your joy of life worth a couple of hundred dollars to you?
It was for me. I paid much more looking for this very solution for myself without thinking twice. I realized...
...that having a body in balance, having a revitalized sex life, and having unflappable confidence...
There’s no price that can be put on your health and happiness.

Still, I want to offer you a deal I’ll NEVER be able to offer you again…

And we’re happy to do it because we know what a life changer this will be.

My partnership with PhytAge Labs allows me to do this.
If you tried to get your hands on all the ingredients in a single bottle of Testo 911 separately, you’d pay well over $120, but since you’ve made the cut into our special VIP Group…
You won’t pay $120.00
You won’t even pay $99.95
Not even $79.95
Nope, you don’t pay any of those prices…
When you take action right now, you’ll get your hands on a full bottle of Testo 911 in this special VIP offer…
For ONLY $69.95
A savings of over $50 off the regular price...
...and comes to only a fraction more than $1 per pill!
That's less than one-quarter the price of the competition for the top-rated testosterone supplements available in the world.
  • Do you think that walking around in a completely exhausted and depleted state is something you’d like to overcome?

  • How about stopping the embarrassment of your sexual performance, your flabby belly, and all your anxieties and worries.

  • Plus gain increased energy and focus, reduce inflammation, get a better quality of life, improved work performance (and maintain your sanity).
That’s all very well worth a couple of bucks per day, no?
And you’ll get all these benefits for LESS money?
If you act right away and reserve four bottles of Testo 911 you'll have a spot in the PhytAge Lab’s Private Test Group which entitles you to our VIP Pricing...
...at only $49.95 per bottle!
That's more than ½ OFF…
A Savings of over $70 Per Bottle
PLUS, as long as supplies last, you’ll get free shipping!

That’s right, shipping will be on us, no matter where you live!
Why would I ask for such a drastic price discount for you?
In our pursuit to push the boundaries of our research, we need people to share their real results with us…

Specifically, the ever increasing benefits that begin to start when you’ve been using Testo 911 for 30 Days or MORE.

As a result of that goal, we’ve instructed the lab to set aside an entire supply of Testo 911 so that YOU can share YOUR success stories with us...
...and our team of scientists will have a growing body of evidence to show the long term properties of this amazing product!
What will you feel like 4 to 6 weeks from now?
You’ll begin to FEEL and SEE the difference, guaranteed!
Life is short and before you know it, four weeks will come and go - whether you like it or not.

But in 4 weeks' time, you could either have begun to pump these critical nutrients through your body – helping you to ease away your physical and mental anxiety… plus quickly overcome the pain and despair of not being able to satisfy your partner and the toll it takes on your relationship.

Or you can continue to have your current level of exasperation and lackluster energy that comes from your body giving up on you.
Think about it like this:
At $69.95, you’re paying only $2.33 per day over the next 30 days!
That truly is less than the price of a Starbucks Coffee!

And you save even more if you opt for our VIP multi-bottle pricing at $49.95!
By now I’m sure you’re ready to experience the youthful energy and libido rejuvenation power of Testo 911.

But we’re going to make you a deal now that you can’t pass up.
We’re going to let you TRY Testo 911 for a FULL 3 MONTHS and if for ANY REASON you’re not fully delighted with the results… Simply contact us for:
A Full Refund.
Guaranteed to work – or you PAY NOTHING!
I want this decision to be as easy for you as possible, so I’m going to take on all of the risk myself.

This either works to get you…
  • More excited about life.
  • Stronger erections.
  • More confidence.
  • Feeling and looking younger.
  • Building muscle and burning fat.
  • Reversing hair loss. 
Or, you get all your money back. No questions asked.
That’s right...

We’ll send your supply right now...

...and if at any time over the next 90 days you decide it’s just not working for you, just contact us for a FULL REFUND…

We can’t make this deal much better than that, don’t you agree?
Testo 911 works fast and skips all the extra work so you DON'T have to :
Exercise for hours daily.
Spend thousands of dollars on any plastic surgeries.
Pop ED pills that are known to come with other scary side effects.
And if it’s all not exactly how I say it is?

Not only will you get all your money back, but we’ll also give you an additional $100 just for giving it an honest try! (No joke.)
I know it sounds like we’ve lost our minds, but we’re not kidding around.

If you’re not happy with it for any reason at all… We’ll give you every single penny back.

PLUS another $100... Even if you use the entire bottle.
That’s how confident we are that our solution works.
PhytAge Labs is trusted by over 800,000 customers around the globe,
and we have a reputation for being obsessive when it comes to quality control and testing.
Each of our products is made in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility, has been certified by GMP for quality and sanitation, and is regularly tested for potency by the FDA.

We believe that it’s extremely important to make sure that each bottle of Testo 911 has exactly what it says on the label. No more. No less.
Take advantage of our ‘Take Back Your Manhood Program’’ you can hop on board with the 11,798 other former Low-T victims and get Testo 911 for just $69.95 per bottle.

Or as low as only $49.95 per bottle with the VIP multi-bottle discount.

Just imagine what it would do for each part of your life by having that extra burst of ambition.

Imagine the confidence you’ll bring into the bedroom with a rock hard erection almost bursting through the seams of your pants.

You’ll look in the mirror and you’re going to see the man that you know you were capable of being your whole life.
The Man of Power, Confidence, and Purpose.
Choose your discount package deal below this presentation right now and immediately fill out our safe and secure encrypted checkout form with your details.

Thanks to our encrypted merchant account that rivals HIGH-LEVEL security websites like Walmart and Amazon.com use… your info will be completely safe.

In 5 short business days, your life will never be the same as Testo 911 arrives right there on your doorstep.
Go ahead, click below right now...
...and take back your God given right and watch your sexual energy and masculine drive spring back into life again.
Give the woman in your life the gift she deserves.
A man of confidence.
The new you.
You’ll inevitably notice the result in less than 4 weeks of enjoying Testo 911.
That’s why I highly recommend the VIP 4-bottle option for long-term results and supercharging your body to protect it for many years to come.

Regardless of your selection, your entire purchase is protected by our EXCLUSIVE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE + $100. Created ONLY for those who take advantage of my special offer!
If this isn’t a WIN/WIN I don’t know what is…
If you’re not waking up every morning overwhelmed with a sense of strength and confidence from the powerful results of Testo 911 and don’t feel a difference throughout your days and nights…

Send us an email and I’ll refund you every penny immediately PLUS $100. No questions asked.
We’re not sure how much longer this offer will be available and especially at the price it is now. This could be the decision that changes your life!

OR... This could still be the moment you decided to settle with the cards you’ve been dealt, which is risky, considering you’re all in on the one and only life you’re granted.

Why not give yourself this BIG ADVANTAGE? Make things EASIER!

Click the "Add To Cart" button below.
It’s pretty terrifying to know that if you don’t take care of this it can lead you down a road of ruined relationships, loss of the enjoyment of life, and a deep depression.
But let’s not even think about that…
All you need to do is click the “Add to Cart” button to confidently try Testo 911 for yourself.
The #1 question I get at this point is: 
“How does Testo 911 work again?” 
Testo 911 offers a revolutionary way to protect yourself from environmental toxins.

It also helps your body protect against common pesticides in our food that damage testosterone levels.

This helps support your body’s natural detoxification process and helps maintain a non-inflamed state in your cells.

Remember this healthy, non-inflamed state helps protect your testosterone levels.
Question #2
“Can I take Testo 911 even if I have allergies or if I’m taking other supplements?” 
Yes these 100% natural ingredients are proven to provide healthy testosterone levels and are considered very safe.

Men are loving their results and experiencing success in all areas of their life because they simply made the choice to.

If you have any concerns, please consult with your physician.
Question #3
“How many bottles should I order?”
We recommend ordering the largest amount possible so that you get more savings through our current discount.
With such limited supplies, ordering more will ensure that you don’t miss out if we’re out of stock.

Testo 911 has a shelf life of 2 years so you don’t have to worry about them going bad if you claim multiple bottles.
What you’re experiencing right now is from decades of damage gone untreated.
Calming your raging inflammation and eliminating all the toxins from your body isn't going to happen overnight. It will take time, as natural solutions always do.

Even after Testo 911 gives you back your life and manhood, you'll want to continue giving your body a steady supply of these essential nutrients so you’ll never again be ashamed of the man you see every day in the mirror, or continue to suffer from stage fright in the bedroom.
If you’re wondering if Testo 911 is right for you then I encourage you to try it out for yourself.
With our 90-day, Triple  Money-Back Guarantee
you can see if you like it for absolutely no risk:
GUARANTEE #1: The Quality – Testo 911 is guaranteed to contain the missing herbs, extracts, nutrients and everything you need in the purest form possible, sourced ONLY from the most pristine environments around the world.

GUARANTEE #2: The Source - The entire process behind sourcing, purifying, bottling, and shipping your Testo 911 capsules is guaranteed to be carried out under our exacting quality standards with absolutely no compromise, from beginning to end.
GUARANTEE #3: Your Complete Satisfaction - we stand behind each bottle 100%. That's why you have a full 90 days to try Testo 911 and put it to the test yourself.
You’ve got nothing to lose. But everything to gain.
If for any reason you are not 100% thrilled with results you can see, feel, and test with your doctor...

...simply contact our world-class customer support team at PhytAge Labs and we will promptly issue you a refund - no questions asked, no hassles, and absolutely no hard feelings.

AND… we’ll give you an additional $100 on top of that just for giving it an honest try!
Men across the country are getting their lives back.

So now it’s your turn to make an important decision for yourself. Now is the time to act.

All your embarrassment, all your anxiety, all your worries can be cured with a single click of a button.

You can do something about this once and for all.

The sad reality is if you decide to do nothing, then you’ll be stuck right where you are right now... and soon it will be even worse.

Aren’t you the kind of man who wants to succeed in all areas of your life?

You wouldn’t still be here otherwise.
So trust your gut and trust your instinct.
You know you deserve this.
20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did.  
So click the link below and join us right now.
Your future self is thanking you already.

You’re just one click away from the new you and time is running out.

So please, for the sake of you and your family, jump on this 100% risk free opportunity while you still can before this site is shut down for good.
Secure my bottles now.
By placing your order, you'll be GRANDFATHERED into this exclusive price for life.

That means you’ll NEVER pay retail for any of your bottles today - no matter how much the price goes up (and they WILL go up soon).
You’ll get all this - at the lowest price possible - ONLY if you act today.
It’s a fact of life that most people wait too long to act and if something like this runs its course on your body I’m afraid of what’s to come.
I’m seriously not trying to scare you or get morbid, but you deserve better than to be a victim to all this.

I want you to take your mojo back...

...and I want you to be able to do it at a much lower price than what it’ll cost to go to the doctor and get hooked on treatments that will only give you a temporary fix.
At just $69.95 per bottle… or $49.95 per bottle when you get proactive and scoop up 4 bottles knowing you’ll finally have some FIRE in your body while you're getting the highest quality and best deal...with zero risk whatsoever.
Take action today not just for tomorrow, but the rest of your life!
You deserve it.
I trust you’ll make the right decision for yourself.

So you can enjoy your days… and your nights.
  • Have better focus and concentration…
  • No more trouble with your erections…
  • No more losing steam before you can really get going…
  • No more anxiety and irritability…
  • No more beer gut (even if you haven’t drank a beer in years).
Cast your doubts aside.
You have the full 90-Day Guarantee at your back.
It's your decision, but this is your last chance.  

And I'm looking forward to your personal success letter.

It’s time to secure your quality of life, your health and your sanity.
Click the Add To Cart button now to select which package of Testo 911 is right for you.
Thank you so much for joining us in this presentation and God Bless.
Joe Wells

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